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Our services circumvent the severe limitations inherent in the traditional publishing system.

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Jonathan Nitzan, York University
Capital as Power
He is a superb, engaged translator and a wonderful, trustworthy person. He insisted on fully understanding our work -- so much so, that his questions sometimes showed us that our English original wasn't as clear as we thought it was! He was also remarkably quick and efficient.
A great person to work with!
It has been a true pleasure to work with Jesús on the translation of Making Money. He is not only very fast and competent, but he also does his work with a rare commitment to the content and purpose of the text. I do not hesitate to give Jesús my best recommendations and I look forward to working with him on future projects. Ole Bjerg, Copenhagen Business School
Hacer dinero. Filosofía del capitalismo postcrédito
Jesús did a superb job translating our book Debt as Power from English into Spanish. He is easy to communicate with, diligent and the translation was accomplished in an accurate and timely fashion to the highest standard. We were delighted with the enthusiasm that he brought to his work and the efforts he made, with much success, to fully understand the theme and arguments of our book. We are very pleased with the final translation and highly recommend his services without reservation. Tim Di Muzio, University of Wollongong & Richard Robbins, State University of New York
Debt as Power
I have benefitted from Jesús Suaste’s services repeatedly to translate academic articles from English into Spanish as well as for revision, proofreading and editing of texts written in Spanish by myself. He works extremely thoroughly and always meets the deadlines. With his impressive knowledge in Social Sciences and the Humanities, he is not only competent in his translation, but also appoints with certainty ambiguities in the original texts and proposes very appropriate solutions. I recommend his services most highly. Georg Wink, University of Copenhagen